Victory Gardening

Your Victory Garden... poster

U.S Victory Garden poster from WWII

At the start of World War II, the British government launched the Dig for Victory campaign to encourage the population to grow their own food, while a similar campaign in the U.S encouraged people to create their own ‘Victory Gardens’. Find out more about the Dig for Victory campaign here.

These days rationing isn’t a problem but there are other reasons you might be tempted to try and grow your own food. The economy for example, as grocery bills continue to creep up and the environment, as fruit and veg arrives on supermarket shelves with a huge carbon footprint. Straight-from-the-ground produce is far healthier than eventually-off-the-shelves produce, not to mention tastier, and there’s a tendency towards waste when fresh food is so easy to buy, particularly when the time lost getting from farm to supermarket means that bought fruit and veg go off quicker.

Growing your own food can be incredibly rewarding and you don’t even need a garden to start; you’d be amazed at how much you can grow with just one sunny windowsill and some seeds. Why not give it a whirl?




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