Black Apple Butter

Jersey Black Butter (Le Niere Buerre) is a famous delicacy, dating from the 16th century, which originated as a by-product in Jersey’s cider-making days. Ingredients: 300ml cider or sweet apple juice 2.2kg cider or sweet apples, peeled and cored 225g Bramley apples, peeled and cored 60g Caster Sugar 1 stick liquorice, finely chopped 1/2 lemon, […]

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Supermarket receipt

A financial victory

Only 12% of Britons grow any of their own food. This leaves 88% of us completely reliant on the supermarket or greengrocer and at the mercy of their pricing strategies. At the time of writing, Britain is in the middle of a recession and it’s generally agreed that things are going to get worse before […]

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Winter Gardening

How to stay productive over the winter months After working so hard all year, it makes sense that winter should be a time for hibernating. It seems only fair that in those long cold months, you spend all your time in the warm bosom of your home, darning socks and mending gardening gloves, secure in […]

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...shepherd's delight

Red sky at night…

Learn how to forecast the weather in unusual, fallible but ultimately more interesting ways When you start to rely more directly on mother nature for your food, the weather becomes a lot more interesting. While it’s always useful to know what kind of shoes you should wear to work or whether to take an umbrella […]

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