Dig for Victory

If you Dig for Victory... posterDuring World War II, the government launched the Dig for Victory campaign to encourage the nation to grow their own food. The Women’s Land Army were working hard on the farms but rationing was severe and those who were able to grow some of their own grub could supplement their diet with healthy, nutritious food and take some of the pressure off the nation’s limited food supplies.

It wasn’t just private gardens that were transformed into vegetable plots. Public land and parks were transformed into useful spaces too, and even Hyde Park had its own piggery. The Ministry of Agriculture provided ample information to the public, using posters, leaflets and radio programmes to advise and support those growing at home.

Nor was it just gardening that was encouraged. Keeping chickens, goats and pigs became incredibly common and people even kept rabbits as an extra source of meat. Foraging was encouraged, preserving a must and a little wild game (squirrels, pigeons, etc) was a good idea too. And when you worked so hard to find and produce your own food, you didn’t waste any of it, an ethos that people applied to every aspect of their lives, not just food.

Rationing didn’t end until 1954 and although times were hard, it is considered that the nation ate better during the war than at any other point since.

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