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Financial Victory 2013

As you may have noticed, I didn’t post one of these for 2012. It was a shocking year for us in the UK, weather-wise, and despite repeated sewings and nurturings and plantings out, the endless rain caused everything I planted to either rot or be eaten by slugs before any fruit managed to form. We […]

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Financial Victory 2011

Last year, I recorded the approximate financial savings I made through my limited container gardening. I didn’t really record the crops properly in 2010 but this year, I was more careful and you can see the results below. I planted considerably more this year, as I ventured out of my pots for a change and […]

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(badly repaired jeans - Victory Living

Jeans Rescue

I have never quite managed to implement the idea of spending good money to get a good quality item of clothing. The fashion industry is heavily skewed towards short term usage, with planned obsolescence a given through the use of ‘seasons’ and trends so there is no commercial imperative for supposedly hardworking clothes like jeans to […]

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Heavy dry clay soil - raked and bashed into smaller clods - still not great

Making the best of your soil with raised beds

Five years ago I started working a much-neglected garden. The first problem I had was soil. Nicola, one of the other gardeners on the Victory Living website, is blessed with a garden that has beautiful, crumbly, loamy soil that can be dug with ease. The garden I inherited, however, was filled with heavy, clay-based soil; […]

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