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One salvaged chair, cleaned up and with some extra decorative touches

Thrifty Furniture Finds

Old furniture is often an excellent alternative to buying new. Not only are older items more likely to be of better quality, but there is also the thrill of having saved yet more unwanted items from clogging up the local landfill. If the item you have ‘salvaged’ requires a degree of attention before being fit […]

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My knife being sharpened

The lost art of sharpening blades

Recently we heard from a friend that at a local ‘green fair’ an ironmonger had set up a sharpening stall, giving masterclasses in sharpening. What had astonished our friend though was the fact that the course was massively oversubscribed and the sharpening expert was overwhelmed with the sheer amount of people wanting to learn how […]

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My daughter's finished bedroom curtains

Curtains for a little girl’s room

Decorative curtains can prove extremely expensive, particularly if you are looking for something a little different and inspiring for your child’s room. This project uses an inexpensive pair of plain cream pencil pleat curtains available from Argos for around £20, depending on the size. Amazon also have some bargains. They often come fully lined, machine […]

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(badly repaired jeans - Victory Living

Jeans Rescue

I have never quite managed to implement the idea of spending good money to get a good quality item of clothing. The fashion industry is heavily skewed towards short term usage, with planned obsolescence a given through the use of ‘seasons’ and trends so there is no commercial imperative for supposedly hardworking clothes like jeans to […]

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