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Sterilizing jars

Sterilizing your jars or cans is very important to ensure the maximum shelf-life of your preserves. It’s fairly quick and can be done in a multitude of ways, so make sure your jars are prepped and ready. TIP: If bottling hot food, try and time your sterilizing process to end when your food is ready to […]

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Rice bag

Rice Bags

You may or may not have encountered wheat bags, fabric pouches filled with cleaned wheat grains that you can put in the microwave and warm up. They’re wonderful on cold nights and (providing you have a microwave of course), much less trouble than a hot water bottle. You can also put them in the freezer […]

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Raiding the piggy bank

Shopping Around

There’s no doubt about it, things have been tough the last few years and they are rapidly getting tougher. Food prices are rising steadily, fuel costs are going up and the last fortnight has seen the top energy suppliers in the UK putting their prices up by 8%-11%. This means that no matter how careful […]

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Christmas Table Runner

Quick and Easy Table Runner

This table runner started life as a Christmas item. For the first time, I was going for a coherent theme for the dinner table and chose to run with a children’s traditional style. After looking into buying a table runner to serve the purpose, I found these things can be extremely expensive and sometimes too […]

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